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DCPU-16 IDE version 0.9b
© 2012 John McCann

DCPU-16 IDE is an assembler, debugger and emulator for 0x10c.

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This assembler is fully compliant with version 1.7 of the DCPU-16 specification. It also has built-in support for these devices:
Generic Keyboard, Generic Clock, LEM1802 Display, HMD2043 Media Drive, SPED-3 Display

Use the Settings dialog to manage the connected hardware in each of your programs.

The assembler includes a preprocessor that supports a subset of the preprocessor directives mentioned in the 0xSCA specification maintained by the 0x10c Standards Committee.

The following preprocessor directives work:
org, define, def, eq, undef, ifdef, ifndef, if, else elseif, elif, end, echo, error, dw, dp, fill, include

These preprocessor directives will be supported soon:
macro, ascii, rep, align, incbin

Please provide feedback and report bugs here.