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Yeah, that's about it. Ironically, considering my job, I'm not a very online person.

Some Projects

that I made.


Some useful bits of code/info that I find myself needing occasionally on different systems. This is a convienent place I can always find them wherever I am.


that I use.


Since the original site is no longer available, I'm hosting a patched & working version of the DCPU-16 IDE by John McCain (dangermccann). I've found DCPU-16 assembly to be the easiest assembly language for new programmers to learn due to its simplicity, lack of an operating system, and this dead-simple browser ide.


Original IDE source code on Github

DCPU-16 & various hardware specifications

Outer Wilds

Seriously, you have to play this game. As soon as possible.

Must Read Papers

I consider these papers must-read material for all programmers.


Unexplained and/or unsubstantiated statements

Things I want to write down, but don't have the time or inclination to explain or support.